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Business's grow and as part of normal growth, experience changes in the way that you operate and more importantly change the way you need your software and systems to work for you.  Most of these changes are good, based on increased sales, more people to manage, more inventory to keep track of etc., and are in general a positive occurance.


"City Reach Solves Growth Problems And Stops The Tears with Cost Effective, Proven Solutions"




"City Reach embraces business growth and our mission is to provide the foundation, infrastructure and tools that you need to keep your business growing and profitable.  We do this by providing true solutions to real problems that growing business's have."




"We provide Solutions to real problems that affect real business everyday with Cost Effective, Proven Solutions"


"We Use Best in Class Microsoft Software and the revolutionary new Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Model, Whereby City Reach is able to provide you with the absolute best software and services on a cost effective monthly rental program!"




The best news is that have the expertise and experience to solve your problems fast... 

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Our Business Solutions are cloud provided infrastructure, software and license built on enterprise grade hardware, industry standard and highly rated, user friendly software; and includes user licenses.  We provide Solutions Insights, which are a combination of products, services, and intellectual property focused on your specific business problem or opportunity.  Our goal is to drive measurable business value and work towards your processes being significantly standardized. The solutions components are a combination of our services and one or more partners, and the solutions implementer can be a managed services partner, you or your staff, or a combination of the three. Our proven business solutions have a strong history of solving problems for business just like yours. Imagine a suite of easy-to-learn and easy-to-use enterprise business solutions tailored to your market, designed for your business size, and dedicated to growing your business. We offer a full range of software focused on delivering business insights that matter to you. 


As a business grows, its needs change on a constant basis.  Many college level business courses use to teach the 5,5,50,500 ($500,000.00, $5,000.000.00, $50,000.000.00, $500,000.000.00) as the predicted levels requiering business change.  Todays technology and ever changing business climate have made a shambles of the reliabity of that gross income models accuracy, but we still offer it simply as a general indication of when change in business is mandated.  In todays business world, the ability to change and/or adapt to almost daily environmental requirement modifications are overwhelming.  What solves that problem?  The right technology foundation for your business.  When your technology can support your ability to change / adapt as needed... your business can thrive.  Now, what causes these changes and why do I have to adpat to them?


Most business start out with what is referred to as the 80/20 rule.  That rule means that a single individual is responsible for a minimum of 80% of critical portions of the business.  That could be 80% of the sales or 80% of product development or 80% of needed labor, but regardless of which... a single dependency is created and exist.  One of the hardest parts of growing a business is eliminating single dependencies and creating a situation where no single dependencies exist.  When that is achieved, then exponential growth is possible because you have the infrastructure to support it.


When your business was small, you may have been able to track your income and expense on something as simple as a spread sheet.  You kept your client list in your contacts on your mail and you had no real need to share information.  Simple needs creep in including needing to share contacts, have multiple users in accounting, keep track of inventory and/or production, track your projects, track and effectively work your sales opportunities, do cash forecast / projections and much much more.  Has your infrastructure and software grown to meet these new needs or are you wasting countless of your and other valuable peoples hours struggling to meet those needs?  How much more is possible if your infrastructure and software make your job easier, your company more productive and your efficiency the best it can be?  Are you ready for the right tool for the job?


Whether your business is a large Enterprise or a Small / Medium Business size... we have solutions to meet your needs.  Our solutions range from single applications (APP City) delivered publically over the internet to secure and compliant (Secure City) infrastructure as a service (IAAS) networks including Accounting, Sales Management, Project Management, Communications and more...  So, how do you know which you need?


If your business needs to meet any goverment security/safety or accredidation standards and/or you have sensitive data, designs and/or security concerns, or if you need to have your applications be able to be integrated and share data... then you probably need to be looking at our Secure City line of offerings.  Secure City offers products that provide end to end security / data protection / Controls.


If your business needs are simple and/or you already have network and just want to start a slow migration to the cloud... then our single application offerings (APP City) are a great place to start.  While you can have as many seperate applications as you need and while they provide full functionality... they do not integrate with each other and will not meet most goverment security standards or accredidation requirements.  That being said, they are a great place to start in the cloud and can grow into a Secure City infrastructure when the time is right.


Let one of our professional representitives speak with you and help you achieve greater success.  Call us at (561) 432-1404.

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“City Reach has provided and their MSP implemented our entire Software and Server Solution.  They have integrated it with our existing Networks in a Hybrid Clound; and we are ecstatic that our systems communicate, that we have backups, shared resources and a smoothly working system”

Rob Friedman

Friedman & Brown, LLC

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